CMPL Exhibition 2024 Mumbai: Exhibitor's Report


The Contract Manufacturing & Private Label (CMPL) Expo 2024 in Mumbai was held from May 15th to 17th at the Jio World Convention Centre. This exhibition has stood out as one of a kind to bring all contract manufacturers and private label suppliers as exhibitors under one roof across categories like food, beverages, beauty, personal care, household products, and packaging solutions. 

This is a unique opportunity for D2C brands & FMCG brands, distributors and exporters, e-commerce retailers, healthcare and pharma companies and service providers to find and connect with their manufacturers and private label suppliers.

“If you are looking to build manufacturing and supplier network out of India, this trade show is a must-visit.” 

Attendance and Participation

The CMPL Expo 2024 attracted around 18,000 visitors and featured more than 350 exhibitors. 

Exhibitors Profiles

The CMPL Expo 2024 featured a diverse range of exhibitors from various sectors, each showcasing their unique products and services. 

Here are detailed profiles of key exhibitors across major industry segments:

Food and Beverages

Company Name


Alpha Milkfoods Private Limited

Overview: Alpha Milkfoods is a prominent dairy products manufacturer known for its high-quality milk-based beverages and health foods.

Products: Their product lineup includes flavored milk, yogurt, cheese, and health drinks.

Innovations: The company showcased new dairy-based health supplements aimed at health-conscious consumers.

Bhogaraju Food

Overview: Specializing in baked goods and snacks, Bhogaraju Foods is a well-known player in the food industry.

Products: They exhibited a range of biscuits, cookies, and savory snacks.

Innovations: The focus was on introducing gluten-free and organic snack options.

Beauty and Personal Care

Company Name


Shree Dhanwantri Herbals

Overview: Shree Dhanwantri Herbals is a leader in Ayurvedic and herbal products, offering natural health supplements and personal care items.

Products: Their range includes herbal supplements, skincare products, and personal hygiene items.

Innovations: The company highlighted its new line of eco-friendly and organic personal care products.

Soulter Inc.

Overview: Soulter Inc. specializes in cosmetics and skincare products, known for their use of natural ingredients.

Products: They showcased an extensive range of beauty products, including skincare creams, serums, and makeup.

Innovations: Emphasis was placed on sustainable packaging and organic formulations.

Health and Wellness

Company Name


Agrow Healthcare

Overview: Agrow Healthcare is dedicated to health supplements and herbal remedies.

Products: Their offerings include vitamins, dietary supplements, and herbal extracts.

Innovations: They introduced new products aimed at boosting immunity and overall health.

Fit & Flex (Niva Nutraceuticals)

Overview: Fit & Flex focuses on sports nutrition and functional foods.

Products: The product range includes protein powders, energy bars, and nutritional supplements.

Innovations: Highlighted products aimed at athletes and fitness enthusiasts, including plant-based protein supplements.

Packaging Solutions

Company Name


Nichrome India Limited

Overview: Nichrome is a leader in packaging technology, offering advanced packaging solutions for various industries.

Products: Their portfolio includes packaging machinery and materials for food, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors.

Innovations: Showcased cutting-edge packaging technologies designed for sustainability and efficiency.

Arihant Flexi Pack

Overview: Arihant Flexi Pack provides flexible packaging solutions for the FMCG sector.

Products: They offer a range of packaging materials, including pouches, films, and laminates.

Innovations: Focused on biodegradable and recyclable packaging options.

Here is a detailed analysis and distribution of the exhibitors country wise, company type wise, product category and product wise.

Country wise distribution:

More than 90% of the exhibitors were from India with distribution looks like this

Company type wise distribution:

More than 75% of the exhibitors were into manufacturers and white label product, other major types of exhibitors were exporters, packaging solution providers and consultants and other service providers.

Product Category wise distribution:

The CMPL Expo 2024 brought together exhibitors from a wide range of industry categories, reflecting the diverse nature of the contract manufacturing and private label markets. 

Here is distribution of top 10 product categories of all the exhibitors:

Key industry segments represented at the expo includes:

  1. Beauty and Personal Care: Exhibitors in this segment showcased cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and personal hygiene products. There was a strong emphasis on natural and organic products, reflecting consumer trends towards healthier and sustainable options.
  2. Food and Beverages: This segment featured manufacturers and suppliers of various food products, including dairy, baked goods, snacks, spices, and nutritional foods. The focus was on both packaged food products and raw materials for further processing.
  3. Health and Wellness: This segment included companies offering health supplements, sports nutrition products, herbal remedies, and other wellness products. The increasing demand for health-conscious and functional foods was a key trend in this category.
  4. Household and Kitchen Products: Exhibitors displayed a range of household goods, including cleaning products, kitchen essentials, and home care items. Innovation in product design and functionality was a highlight in this segment.
  5. Packaging Solutions: Companies specializing in packaging materials and technologies showcased their latest innovations aimed at enhancing product safety, shelf life, and environmental sustainability. This included both primary and secondary packaging solutions.

Here is the visual of wide range products distribution, bigger the product name in the word cloud higher were the number of suppliers at the exhibition.

The CMPL Expo 2024 highlighted several emerging trends in the contract manufacturing and private label sectors:

  1. Increased Demand for Organic and Natural Products: There was a noticeable emphasis on organic, natural, and health-focused products, reflecting growing consumer awareness and demand for healthier lifestyle choices.
  2. Innovation in Packaging: Sustainable and innovative packaging solutions were a major focus, with exhibitors showcasing eco-friendly materials and advanced packaging technologies designed to reduce environmental impact.
  3. Expansion of Private Label Brands: Many retailers and brand owners are increasingly exploring private label options to offer exclusive products that enhance brand loyalty and profitability


The CMPL Expo 2024 in Mumbai was a resounding success, providing a comprehensive platform for exhibitors, buyers, and service providers to connect, innovate, and grow. The event highlighted the dynamic nature of the contract manufacturing and private label industries, with a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and market expansion.

Future Outlook

The trends and insights gathered from the CMPL Expo 2024 indicate a promising future for the contract manufacturing and private label sectors. As consumer preferences continue to evolve towards health, wellness, and sustainability, companies that embrace these trends are likely to thrive. The event also highlighted the importance of technological advancements and sustainable practices in driving industry growth.

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